DIY Coasters

10 Easy to make Pretty DIY Coasters

July 15, 2018

One thing that will never be in style – watermarks on your tables. Luckily, Today it’s gonna be all about coasters and how coasters save the day by keeping our drinks off the table and look good doing it. Even better? When you diy coasters.

There are thousands of ideas for DIY coasters all over the internet, so I picked a few of my favorites to share with you. Whether working with clay, cork or felt, they’re all simple enough to achieve with minimal materials found easily at your home.

Porcelain Tile DIY Coasters

DIY Coasters

These coasters are straight from grandma’s china cabinet. Hand-painted coasters are a delicate addition to tea time. Blue and white porcelain are a classic nod to the antique design, without the risk of ruining a heirloom.


Confetti DIY Coaster

DIY coasters

One ingredient, so many possibilities! These speckled coasters are as easy to make as they are chic, so stock up on polymer clay and make a bunch for friends, family, and obviously — your own coffee table.

Constellations DIY Coaster

Print out something that inspires you, like these constellation charts. Apply them to tiles or wood, works great, and jazz up the dining room! This is one of my favorites.


Marble Hexagon DIY Coasters

Marble is definitely trending right now, from notebook covers to phone cases. Twisting black and white clay into one another leads to a have-to-look-twice look alike. These would look great in any industrial or minimalist space.


Paint Pens DIY Coasters

Grab some inexpensive cork coasters and make the best out of it by creating fun little designs with a paint pen. Use the same print or pattern for all of them, or make each one unique!


Felt DIY Coasters

This one’s a minimalist’s dream coaster set. A hexagon cut out of charcoal and heather gray felts create a simple, streamlined design that look great without demanding attention. And no sewing required is always a plus for those with minimal time, too.


Donut DIY Coasters

How cute are these donut coasters? With acrylic paint detailing, they would definitely compliment your morning cup of coffee. And they’re not all just for looks. Made from wood, they can be held against both hot and cold drinks.


Dry Erase DIY Coasters

I’m so in love with these interactive coasters. Make with dry erase board, you can pass notes or use them to label everyone’s drinks at the dinner party.


Painted Clothesline DIY Coasters

Looking for an easy sewing task? Grab some clothesline and step on the pedal, and you’re on your way to these cute coasters. A little nautical with a pop of geometric design, they’re simple to make and durable, especially great for kid-friendly spaces.


DIY Coaster Branches

A little rustic inspiration never hurt anyone, right? These tiny twiggy coasters would pair perfectly with almost any interior design style, and can be easily made with backyard sticks and a bit of string. The most amazing thing about this DIY branches coaster is that these could also be expanded into some place mats.


So these were some of my favorite DIY Coasters and let me know which one you liked the best in the comments below! You can share your designs with us, too.

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