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Welcome to Thrifty Diys!

Hi, I’m Anandita and this is my blog. I’m THRILLED that you’re here. Do you DIY? The dedication, the financial savings, the mistakes, the personal customization, the skills learned and oh, i forgot one, making things fun! All of these things out there are to be embraced about making things by hand. Well if you’re not good with DIYs, I’m here to help you guys out.

My main goal is to share advice, tips, tricks, lifehacks, etc that will impact our readers’ lives in a positive way. Here you’ll find tutorials and tips that will be easy for you to understand and will also empower you to tackle your own problems.

Who we are and what we do.

There are thousands of innovative DIY and Crafts blogs out there with quality and worthy projects that work hard to provide awesome DIY projects daily. My aim is to organize these and help you find the best DIYs blogposts.
I have spent hours browsing pinterest, google, Facebook and Youtube to provide you with quality blogs. Blogpost suggestions, and DIY blogger contacts are most welcome here. Feel free to submit your creation as well.

Why we have started this blog.

At one point I became bored of the quality of DIY and craft projects that I found, many people just start a blog, post a picture and forget to link the original source of the content, so time was wasted looking at a cute pictures without directions.

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Did we feature one of your posts and you don’t want the free visits? Well, this won’t be happening here but feel free to contact us and we’ll take it down immediately. What we feature is always confirmed with bloggers but what you submit and we accept is published without contacting the site owner who usually is the submitter.